History and Strains

Our colony is mainly based of the worldfamous Janssen strain. Starting the eighties, the nineties and 2003 we bought 16 directs from the Janssen brothers of Arendonk. We also purchased some directs from Jos de Klak of Reusel since 1994. As you know, De Klak is 100% pure Janssen! At this moment still some of those direct Janssenbirds are in stock. In recent years our stockloft has been improved by bringing in directs from Belgian champion Andre Roodhooft from Pulderbos. He is owner of just as much direct Janssen birds as the famous brothers of Arendonk. Furthermore direct from the father and son partnership Gerard and Bas Verkerk from Alphen aan de Rijn (now Reeuwijk). We bought there youngsters of Olympic Ronaldo, Olympic Survivor, Olympic Sogno and other topbreeders. This strong partnership, with a colony based on the best De Klaklines trough De Wit Bros, have bred some more than excellent racers which led them to participating in several Olympiads with the best racers of the Netherlands.

Breedingloft 2004-2005

In the autumn of 2003 we had the opportunity to buy two direct Janssens in Arendonk. We didn’t hesitate. The first bird is a nice cock from the lines of “de Vos”,”Rakker”,”Kapot Borstbeen” and “Goede Donkere”, the other one is a wonderful hen. She is a grandchild to  “den Buel” and on her mother’s side we find “de 019” and “de Raket” in the pedigree. These 2 Janssenbirds are still on our loft! The birds of the partnership Gerard and Bas Verkerk were already successful on our racingloft. This year we bought 2 youngsters of “Casanova”x”Intuition”. “Intuition” is one of the best breeders of the partnership. She gave topracers with several cocks and with the “Casanova” as well. Late in the autumn we purchased two direct G.+S.Verkerkbirds.We bought  from “Stallion” (2nd NPO Chateauroux 6,664 b.) x “Total Perfection” (mother “Robbie”) and from “Bruce” (father “Unbelievable”) x “Bunny” (halfsister “Unbelivable”. Two of our best racers will go to the breedingloft: NL-00-1172806, hen, 61 prizecards in 6 seasons, daughter of the Olympiade 06 and NL-03-1696994, cock, f.i. 1st Gennep 1978 b.,1st Zutphen 1252 b., bred from brother Olympiade 06 x 038 Britney

Breedingloft 2006-2007

We purchased 3 youngsters from the lofts of  Gerard and Bas Verkerk, Alphen aan de Rijn This time youngsters of “Pavarotti”, father to “Estelle” and “Taylor”, from ”Revenge”, 2nd National Acebird 2005, 1st Oudenaarde 6882 b., 1st Niergnies 5766 b.,etc and from “Robin Hood”, 1st Chateauroux 3769 b., 1st Bourges 3286 b.,etc.. Two daughters from “Gummi”, 20 times in the first 20 in Federationraces x “Hanni”,f.i. 5 times first in the Federation. They came from the lofts of Mr. Klaus Stieneker, one of the leading German lofts.

Breedingloft 2007-2008

A direct Louis van Looncock, a fantastic bluepied from the old lines. He came to us in spring 2007 and is mated to our ‘de Rode Grijsoger”, he gave already 2 successful young hens. F.i. one of them won a 1st against 3,269 birds! 
From Mr. Rainer Puettmann, formal National Champion of Germany and owner of a super breedingloft came 2 Reynaerts, both grandchildren of “de Goen” and “de Schicht”.

In 2008 we will breed with directs from:

Janssenbrothers, Jos de Klak, Louis van Loon, Gerard & Bas Verkerk, Rainer Puettmann, Peter van de Merwe, Borgmansbrothers and Klaus Stieneker. Kris van Massenhoven and from our 6 Olympicbirds Standardclass but with fantastic raceresults and some other formal performing hens and cocks. 

Breedingloft  2009

After our Topseason 2008 the "2004 Generation" will go to the breedingloft: NL-2004-1356013, cock; NL-2004-1356030, hen; NL-2004-1356037, hen; NL-2004-1356075, hen; NL-2004-1356082, hen, NL-2004-1356316, cock; NL-2004-1356317, hen and two 2005 birds: NL-2005-1903928, hen; NL-2005-1903692, hen

They all were topbirds in the races.More about these birds you can find on "Toppigeons". Because we have to many breeders, especially hens, we must do something. Some of the older hens and cocks will go to our "old people's home". Some of the younger breeders will be sold.

Breedingloft  2009-2010

We planned to sell some of the younger breeders and we did so. But that was not enough. So, some of the formal Topracers and Directs sat useless in the aviary the whole season. That is not good, so we decided to sell all the directs of Gerard & Bas Verkerk and all the directs of Peter van de Merwe. It was a difficult decision....!But we were forced to do something! We only kept 2 older Verkerkcocks. For that reason we did not buy much summer 2009. Sofar we purchased 5 birds. First of all the last  daughter of our old "Olympic 06" came back from Germany. Than a nice daughter of "Big Tom"x"Roosje" from Will & Falco Ebben, two youngsters of "Salinero"x the best breedinghen of Djoerd vd Veen, general champion of our big federation "Afd. Friesland '96" and a fantastic young cock of "Olympic Samoerai" from Nico Jan Koenders. Two of the older racers will go to the breedingloft too. First the last son of our "Olympic 06", not a topracer himself but a usefull cock AND already father of some promising birds. The other one is "Lookalike", a daughter of the old "Olymp 06".She is a topracer with f.i. 9 times 1:100 in her career. She is on "Toppigeons" too. As you can see, we put some more blood of our old "Olympic 06" in the breedingloft. Over the years she has proven to be the most important bird of our colony!! She is still alive, lays no eggs anymore and will be 15 years old next spring.  

Breedingloft 2010-2011

Summer 2010 we purchased a complete round, youngsters from the breeders of WILL & FALCO EBBEN! Direct children of f.i. ROOSJE, PICASSO, ELFPENNER, BONTJE, ALEXANDER, BELLE. etc. A few of them we raced and with success. One of them, the 10-066, became ACEBIRD MIDDLEDISTANCE of our Federation Afdeling 11. Spring 2011 we crossed the direct Ebbenbirds with our topbirds. Some of these crossings already did well on the youngbirdraces, with some 1st prizes and more topresults! Breedingseason 2012 we will breed some 100% Ebbenbirds for the races, especially for the one day longdistance. Also went to the breedingloft the 07-1174621, a 100% Verkerkcock with f.i. 12 x 1:100 after being injured during a race.

Breedingloft 2011-2012

This year we bought some direct and some 100% Leo Heremansbirds. Maybe it's a hype but they are very well build and brought already a lot of success on many lofts! Not only on the shortdistance, also on the 600 km-races they do very well. In spring came a 100% Janssenhen, granddaughter of the Blauwen Winterjongen en Chantilly as well. In autumn came a nice dark hen, bloodline Goudhaantje of Rudi Diels. Than we got 2 youngsters from the Schroederfamily from Germany. They builded up their loft with offspring of our 99-058. From his best son we got 2 children!